what we do

Tiny Tune Time provides age appropriate sessions.

0-2 years
From a very early age your child will enjoy music.

There will be lots of old and new songs and the babies will be encouraged to join in. They might stick their tongues out to “The Frog Song”, catch bubbles to “Wash Your Dirty Hands” or make animal noises to “Old MacDonald”.

Each week they will use a percussion instrument. They might shake bells to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or beat drums to “The Grand Old Duke of York”.

There will be a different theme each week. We may go to the farm and help “Little Bo Peep” find her sheep or watch “All the Little Ducks Turn Upside Down” on the pond. Another week we may explore the jungle looking for “Tiger Tiger Orange and Black” or seeing if “Elephants Have Wrinkles” on their teeth.
A wide range of puppets and props help to engage your child and brings the session to life. The parents play a crucial role in these sessions providing the bounces, tickles and lots of encouragement.

2-5 years
The children are encouraged to be more independent. They sit on a mat and copy actions demonstrated by Rosey. They might finger play to “Itsy Witsy Spider” or clap to “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.

Puppets and Props are used to focus the children’s attention and bring the music to life. We may hide under a scarf to play “Peekaboo” or use a blanket to make “Five Little Monkeys” jump on the bed. The children use a wide range of percussion instruments. They are NOT handed out. Instead the children collect them from Rosey, a lesson in co-operation and sharing. The variety is amazing; playing the drums may involve marching with side drums to the “Grand Old Duke of York”, beating coconut drums to “Yellow Bird” or sitting around a gathering drum and being very noisy as we go “Down In The Jungle”.

There will be a different theme each term. We may “Sing A Rainbow”, taking a week to sing about each colour or we may count “One, Two, Three O’Learie” taking a different number each week. In this way the children are provided with an educational experience which they will continue to talk and sing about at home.